How Our Service Works

Step 1 Choose a Video
Click on the See all our promotional videos link at the top of the site and you can scroll through all the promotional video catalogue.
You can also filter the videos by using the same drop down menu and viewing our Top 10 Videos, Newest Videos and our Best Sellers.

Step 2 Choose a colour scheme
All our videos can be changed to different colour schemes to suit your website colours.
In each video page you can see different mini versions of the video in different colours.
Once you have chosen the video and colour select this in the drop down menu below the video.

Step 3 Choose a Video Format
Once you have selected your colour scheme you have to choose from the next menu below which is your video format.

You can choose to have the video made in one of 3 formats:
HD (High Definition)
For large screen presentation usage.
Web Format (YouTube Ready)
Perfect for video streaming on YouTube for use on your website.
3GP (Mobile Ready)
Which is the small format for mobile phones.

If you need help with choosing a file format visit the Video Formats Explained page.

Step 4 Add to cart
Once you have selected your colour and file format click add to cart. You can choose to check out or continue shopping for extra packages like a Video Promotions Pack to syndicate your video to multiple places online to drive additional traffic and rank.

Step 5 Check out
Once you check out you can pay via credit card or paypal for your order.
***********THIS IS IMPORTANT TO NOTE*****************
You will be asked at checkout for details like your contact telephone numbers and email address. YOU MUST MAKE SURE THESE ARE CORRECT because once your order is processed you will be called by one of our staff within 24 hours.

Step 6 Call From Us
When we call you after your order is processed we will take down the details of what message you would like your video to say, we will also then ask for any relevant images or videos you want placed inside your promotional video.
Once we have this information within 7 days your video will be made and delivered to you.

Step 7 Delivery
If the video is a HD size we will mail you a CD with the video on disc because the file size is usually huge and far too large to send online.
If your video is a web video it will be uploaded to Youtube and from there you can download the physical file or simply embed the video into your website.
If your video is 3gp it will be emailed to you as the size will be small enough to email.