Video Formats Explained

You Have 3 Simple Choices......

1. HD High Definition
This format is only to be ordered if you are specifically wanting to display your video on a large flat screen TV or a projector screen for a presentation. You need the HD resolution to be able to keep the image crisp when being shown in large format.

It takes a lot longer to render this video format and the file size can be several gigs for a very short video. So the price of a HD video is more expensive than a normal web video because of the time it takes to produce.

Additionally it cannot be delivered online and will be posted to you on a DVD because the file size is so large it would take a long time to upload and download.

2. Standard Web Video
This is the most popular choice as it can be used on your website / Facebook / YouTube etc.
We will make your video in the perfect format for online video and upload it to your YouTube account. This way you can use YouTube to host and stream your videos on your website for free and get all the benefits of the traffic and SEO ranking power of YouTube.

If you wish to use the physical video file then YouTube allows you to download it from your account so you can do that anytime.

3. 3GP Mobile Phone
The mobile phone manufacturers never talk to each other. To give you an idea Nokia developed the E series and N series phones in factories next to each other and they did not make their software's cross compatible and did not share technology......incredible but true.

So if you want to send media to mobile phones there are only a few file formats that are universal and for video the only universal format is 3GP it works on virtually every colour screen mobile in a resolution of 176 x 144 pixels. This means the videos are very small but perfect for a handsets small screen.

We can export your video into 3GP so it is ready for any form of mobile marketing. If you want more information on how to send adverts to mobile phones visit our sister company

If you see the graphic below is will illustrate the difference between these 3 formats.