Internet Marketing

Most SEO / Internet Marketing is a blatant lie.

Controversial but true. Web designers and search engine optimizers play on a companies lack of Internet knowledge and blatantly pass off SEO work by talking about on page keywords and meta tag tweaks. They charge a fortune for it and cover themselves by telling companies in advance that it could take months to see results.We have even seen scandalous companies saying for £99 they guarantee a page 1 Google placement in under 7 days and all they are doing is setting up a Google AdWords account. It is shocking and wrong but unfortunately this is widespread and happening all the time.

Every week some so called "guru" is launching their next high ticket course revealing "the secrets" to wealth and eternal happiness for a measily 2000 bucks. These courses are scandalous because the people promoting them dont even use their own tactics and dont even have a business that specializes in getting top of google. They simply hash together some half witted system, employ a top copy writer who can sell sand to arabs and ice to eskimos.......the outcome is that you have just burnt a huge hole in your budget on something that will never work like it has been sold.

This is not a rant but we are passionate about our clients not being duped or ripped off

If you have read the About Us or Why Choose Us you will see from our history we are successful Internet marketers and have developed an incredible system for getting real results and dominating online markets. No hype, No BS just proven results. In the last 9 months we launched over 900 websites and 90% of them went page 1 of Google for their keyword within 7 days. Our various Internet marketing systems are provided by our sister company iReally.

If you want to learn more about Internet marketing go over to the Website and see how we can propel your business up the search engines in a cost effective manner using a system that has been deployed on hundreds of different markets for companies large and small.