Mobile Marketing

Did you know..............

Fact 1
There are currently over 4.6 Billion mobile phones in the world and this figure grows every day.

Fact 2
There are more mobile phones than
Credit Cards
Landline phones

Fact 3
45% of the worlds mobile phones access the internet!

Fact 4
There are 4x more phones than computers in the world so thats 2x more phones accessing the internet than computers!

Fact 5
35% of searches online by the end of 2010 will be done using a mobile device

Fact 6
58% of Facebook users access it on a mobile phone and 53% of worldwide mobile phone users spend 1 hour a day on their phone while shopping or simply bored stood in a queue waiting.

This paints a very powerful picture, if your business is not marketing to mobile phones or your business and videos are not compliant with mobile devices you are losing a very lucrative revenue stream.

Promotional Videos can create all our videos in 3 formats
HD for large screen display,
Web format
3gp for mobile phones

Imagine how impressed clients will be seeing a broadcast quality video like a promotional video on their mobile phone.
When ordering a promotional video you can choose which format you want the video delivered.

However if you have not already seen in our about us section we also own
Ad-pods is the worlds No1 Bluetooth Marketing company.
If you have never heard of Bluetooth Marketing it uses a device called an Ad-pod which actively finds every phone within a 20-30m distance and sends your advert to them 100% for free!

So thinking about the above mobile facts and how powerful it can be advertising to mobile phones imagine having a promotional video sent to hundreds of mobile phones for free every day of the year.
This is what the combination of Ad-pods and Promotional Videos can do for your business.

You can promote to mobile phones day or night, from a fixed location a vehicle or even walk around town wearing an Ad-pod and it can be sending your adverts.

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