Video Marketing

Video Marketing On Steroids

We have proprietary video marketing systems that syndicate your video all over the Internet. The correct SEO and syndication of your video can be incredibly powerful. These days people live on video sites and not just on YouTube. These sites are essentially peoples "TV on Demand" they are also social networks where people love to pass judgement, comment and share videos.

Using our video marketing systems can dramatically increase your video views.
What you need to consider is the difference between a regular page view and a video view.

If lets say you paid 50p for a single Google Ad-Word click that one visitor may hit your site and leave within seconds and you have just flushed your money down the drain.

With a video people generally stay on for a longer time rather than just scanning a few lines of text, a video viewer is "fully engaged" soaking up your message.
This is 100 times more powerful than an idle scan on some text.
Yet businesses think its perfectly acceptable to pour money down the drain on expensive pay per click campaigns that simply do not convert well for all but a lucky few.

If you have read the About Us or Why Choose Us you will understand our history and more about how our combined systems work. However i would like to give you some real world examples of the power of video and make some comparisons to pay per click advertising.

Lets take this video for Ad-pods which we launched a long time ago in 2007.

This video was by no means the greatest video we have ever made but it has a uniformity of message and enabled us to dominate our market place. This video says exactly what we would say to someone if we called them to sell an Ad-pod but it does this 24/7 everyday of the year for free.

Now we launched this on YouTube in Dec 2007 we then used our video promotion systems to syndicate this video on multiple accounts in multiple video sharing sites.

So lets look at the analytics and see how this has impacted our business and make a cost comparison to buying the same number of hits on AdWords.

On YouTube the video has been viewed 13,500 times on the YouTube website.
The video has been viewed a further 25,000 times on other sites that it was syndicated to.
Giving us 38,500 views on video sharing sites.

The average cost per click in our market is £1 per click.
So this has effectively saved us £38,500 in cost per click advertising by syndicating our video on multiple sites.

The video now appears top for every industry keyword we want it to rank for and remember YouTube is as big a search engine as google.

The video also consistently appears page 1 on Google for industry keyword terms.

This is good but thats not all............

The YouTube stats do not count the amount of views the video has when it is embedded on a blog or website outside of YouTube.
This video has been viewed over 1 million times just on our own network of sites promoting Ad-pods.

There is even more........Splogs / Vlogs and Articles

When you upload your content to sites like YouTube the website generates an rss feed. This feed is used by software's to pull  keyword rich content which can then be inserted into other websites.
So webmasters and a lot of the time spammers will take this feed and fill out their Ad-sense websites with content.
This is an absolute godsend for SEO and video views because people start to use your video on their websites to get indexed pages in Google and hopefully click throughs on their Ad-sense banners (this is how splogs and vlogs make their money).
What this does is give you hundreds of places (you did not have to work for) that are now displaying your content.
It is free promotion and generates positive SEO benefits for your site.

So in summary not including our own sites that this video has been viewed on i would estimate we have had in excess of 50,000 views for free which equates to £50,000+ in free ongoing "fully engaged" advertising.

Another example is Hannah Finn's music videos

We undertook 1 weeks worth of video syndication for her studio recorded videos.
We used our system to send her promotional videos videos across the Internet.

The outcome was that this video alone netted to date over 165,000 views on YouTube.
The combined traffic on all sites for this one video is over 300,000 views on some sites it got over 20,000 views in its first 4 days!

Then when the vlog and sploggers took the video it got syndicated on hundreds of websites around the world so including embedded video results is well over 500,000.

This was just one video and on her channels are now lots of videos and her total views are easily over the 1 million mark.
Hannah frequently is in and out of the YouTube top 100 most watched singers and this is all on the back of a one week marketing push we did for her in 2006.

We are now in the process of putting together a campaign for Hannah which will see multiple millions of views so during 2010 and 2011 there will be some good things to come with Hannah and we will keep you updated on this with our blog and if you subscribe to our email updates.

In Summary

We have some powerful tactics for video marketing that other companies simply don't have because they just produce video. We have a complete package of great creatives and top marketing systems so you can trust us to get you maximum exposure.