Why Use Video

Fact 1
Over 33 billion videos were watched online by over 178 million people in December 2009 and this figure increases month on month.

Fact 2
Over 52% of all Internet traffic is delivering streamed video

Fact 3
New York Times says "video is now the fastest-growing segment of the Internet advertising market. Digital video amounted to $477 million in revenue in the first half of 2009, up 38 percent from the same time period in 2008"

Video Converts browsers into buyers
Video makes you stand out from your competition
Video Keeps people on your site for longer

Thanks to the ubiquitous adaption of high speed broadband on home computers and 3g mobile phones video is now accessible to everyone. As a result we cannot get enough of online video to the point where people are actually watching less TV. This is directly effecting the effectiveness of TV advertising and all companies are now investing more and more in finding an online audience for their products or services.

If you are not using video on your website you are losing money everyday!

How can you use video?
Video can be used in a number of ways to enhance you marketing message. We always suggest you start with an impressive promotional video on your home page. This is because on average 50-60% of your visitors hit your home page first so you need to distinguish yourself from your competition with a high impact video.

Below are various different ways that you can use a video on your website.

Corporate Video
You can use a promotional video to brand your business and establish your corporate identity. Nothing makes people take notice like  a promotional video to introduce them to your business and establish immediate impact from the second they hit your website.

Commercial Video
A promotional video can also be made to look like an online commercial. This is essentially giving you the power of TV advertising by creating an infomercial online. The beauty of a commercial video is that it can go viral and if people begin sharing it on blogs, social bookmarking it and sharing it with friends it is not impossible to get hundreds of thousands of views and massive exposure for your products or services.

Product Video
Product videos can be amazingly powerful. If we take a promotional video and add in images and video footage of a product with key bullet points about the product this can sky rocket your sales conversions.

How to Guides
The use of a how to guide can make your business look like an expert in the industry but most importantly it will save you time with staff not having to repeat the same things directly or on the phone to support customers. If your business gets asked the same FAQ questions we can help you create a video based FAQ and this can save you thousands every year in staff time and wages. Then your staff can be put to use on more proactive tasks than simply repetitive support Q&A.

Testimonial Videos
Use the power of word of mouth and social proof to sell more of your products. By combining a great looking promotional video with testimonials about your business people will trust your product and buy more from you.

Interactive Sales
Amazingly only a tiny fraction of companies use this but it is simply the most powerful sales medium. A sales rep goes out day in and day out saying the same thing to every customer and you can draw a flow chart on how they sell that service. Why not turn that into an online sales process.......visualize a talking head on a video saying exactly what a sales man would say and asking questions the viewer can answer by clicking yes or no. Then up pops the next video with the next question until you have fully sold the client on the perfect product for them all online with no overheads, no wages no fuel bill.
A salesman has a limit to how many times he can say his pitch but an online video salesman can speak to hundreds of people simultaneously 24 hours a day!
This is obviously a more bespoke job than a standard promotional video but we love to undertake bespoke projects so feel free to ask questions and we will find the perfect solution for our business.