Why Youtube Rocks

This is a big list of stats about video that will blow your mind!
If you read this entire page you will fully understand the sheer power of YouTube and Video marketing and the impact this can have on your business.

Did you know................

Stat 1
Online video (not including Adult) accounts for 52% of all global Internet traffic and from that huge amount of traffic YouTube accounts for over 40% of that traffic. So virtually 1/4 of the entire worlds Internet time is spent watching YouTube videos.

Stat 2
There are over 1 trillion web pages indexed in Google but less than 10 billion videos world wide. Therefore the competition in the video space is 1/100th less competition so it is easier to rank for major keywords.

Stat 3
The search engines LOVE video. Forrester research said that it is 50 times more likely to get a page 1 ranking on the search engines using video than a web page!

Stat 4
Google research indicates that 25% of all clicked searches are infact video. That means all the money people are wasting trying to get a page high on the search engines results is wasted because 1/4 of all searches clicked are NOT web pages!
(so its 50 times more likely you get a page 1 result with video and also 25% more likely it gets clicked than a standard web page entry)

Stat 5
Google spent $1.65 billion buying YouTube......nobody spends that without a clear vision of a return on investment. To add to that Yahoo, Microsoft, Apple and Google have spent over $3billion staking a strong foothold in the video streaming market.

Stat 6
Google spent $750million buying Admob which sends adverts (often YouTube video) to mobile phones. Combined Yahoo, Microsoft, Apple and Google have spent over $2billion dollars buying digital ad networks who use video and send to mobile phones.

I think you can see so far a very conclusive picture that the biggest online players are spending billions to dominate the video streaming and advertising market. This indicates a gold rush for them to position themselves for the future, the only thing that stopped video being huge from day 1 of the Internet was we all had slow connection speeds. Now that barrier is broken everyone wants in on video.

No company on the stock exchange spends a billion pounds on a toy so you can expect to see video playing a larger part in all Internet marketing for the next decade.

There is still much more you need know...............

I am sure if you have read the Why Use Video section of this website you already see the importance of using video to market and brand your business. However we live in a world that is changing at a fast pace and the technology is changing at a phenomenal rate.
Think 2 years ago hardly anyone had ever heard of twitter now it is helping to decide Presidential elections!
Not long ago we bought Cd's now we download an mp3 and Apple has single handedly taken over the music industry. iTunes is now the biggest music store in the world bar none all in a few short years

The Big News You Really Need To Know is......

Apple are now doing to the Internet what they did to the music industry and it can impact your business in a fantastic way if you take on board these simple facts. If you choose to ignore them then it will be at your peril.

Apple have 3 out of the 5 most popular devices for viewing the Internet and particularly video on the Internet and this has all happened really fast in just the last 2 years!!

The iPhone and the iPod Touch are the two most popular devices in the world that people use to view video online. On top of that the iPad within 8 weeks of being launched has become the 5th most widely used device to view video.

Do not be shocked if in 2011 the iPad is the most widely used device in the world for accessing the Internet and video online. The device is genius it means even computer illiterate grannies can now point and click their way around the Internet with no fear of screwing up their computer or catching a virus.

However here's the kicker and its huge!!!!

Apple does not allow its iPads, iPhones or iPods to display flash video or animation this means that every company in the world who had their website and videos encoded in Adobe Flash format will not work on the most popular devices in the world for viewing video and websites

This means that the most popular sites in your industry suddenly cannot be viewed.... if your website is built in flash i suggest you get it changed immediately because this is going to impact your business in a very negative way. Head on over to our sister company iReally and we can solve this problem for your website.

See this image below for just how far flash has integrated into the world wide web. It reach is simply enormous and yet the most popular devices on the planet cannot view it.......this is very bad for flash videos and websites but great for you if you adapt your business to be compatible.


So not only is this going to impact very negatively on peoples ability to view content on sites using flash but it will impact peoples income. This was a slight surprise but the image below is a quote from a a yahoo blog saying that iPad users are 98% more likely to be affluent so not only are flash using businesses missing traffic but they are missing affluent people with money to spend.


This next graphic shows how iPad users are also watching many times more videos than other online users because the iPhone, iPad and iPod offer a great experience for watching video so naturally people are doing more of it.


Every cloud has a silver lining

If you are one of the smart online marketers who sees the opportunity in this then you will make your videos and site 100% compatible. You will then begin tapping into the enormous power of video particularly YouTube video.

Below are some stats about YouTube and i think you will begin to see why we say YouTube Rocks.

Stat 1
YouTube has an inbuilt video player in all Apple products. Apple simply  loves YouTube and all websites with YouTube videos can be played on iPad's, iPhones and iPod's.

Stat 2
YouTube has an almost equal amount of traffic to Google.

Stat 3
Behind Google YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world.

Stat 4
YouTube is 100% Free to host your videos.....no more expensive bandwidth charges.

Stat 5
Most page 1 Google Video results for competitive keywords are YouTube videos....well they would be seeing as Google spent billions buying YouTube.

Stat 6
Google has recently redesigned its results page to make searching for video easier by adding tabs to the left hand side bar and top nav bar........do you think maybe they want you to use YouTube?

Stat 7
YouTube have now redesigned their embedded video player to look sleek and modern and it sits well in any web page, whether in small size or full high definition size. It also does not prominently display the YouTube logo like the old player used to do.

Stat 8
YouTube have delivered more videos in 1 month than all the major American TV channels have in the last 60 years!!


YouTube Video works on many levels, it increases your conversions, the search engines love it and rank it better than a normal web page, Apple loves it and baring in mond Apple is slowly infiltrating every area of our life with their cool must have technology this is super important. YouTube is as big as Google for search engine rank and driving traffic.

Its totally free but for me the biggest factor now is the "apple factor" your business and your videos need to be in a format that is universally viewed on all major devices and only YouTube gives you this guarantee.

Its crazy to think some business owners turn their nose up at the thought of using YouTube thinking it looks cheap to use a free public video service. But you and i both know that this mentality will impact these companies really badly as the years roll on.

You are now in the know so use this information to prosper in your market and stay one step ahead of your competition.