Why Choose Us

It is important that you understand our company is more than just a video production company. Many companies just offer one service or product however we are the only company in the world that can offer the following skill sets.....

1. High Quality Video Production for Web / Presentations & Mobile Phones
2. Mobile Marketing Systems
3. Internet Marketing Systems

Because we are 3 companies rolled into one unique package, we own Ad-pods.com the worlds No1 Bluetooth Marketing company, iReally.co.uk which is one of the worlds most innovative online marketing companies with systems to conduct article, video social media and search engine marketing.
These two companies alone combine to offer the most cutting edge marketing systems for online, offline and mobile marketing. However with our promotional videos we have the complete package for any business.

We walk the walk and use all our own systems to allow us to dominate whichever industry we choose to focus on. We are at heart marketers and entrepreneurs just like you.

So we understand from the ground up what it takes to make ideas reality and not just to make them look pretty but for them to be effective and actually convert into sales.

Sure there are many talented artistic companies out there who can make a video, but do they actually know how to make something that sells and makes you money?

This is a very different skill set and not something a lot of artistic people possess by the very nature that they are creative. Our team has a proven marketing background and this is combined with technical and creative excellence.

So not only can we create you stunning videos but we can help you to market them to both online, offline and mobile audiences.